Managing Tasks on LinKFM

Viewing your tasks on LinkFM

A task in LinkFM is an instruction written for a specific area of essential safety, operational safety, or duty of care.

Viewing your tasks is one of the most common ways you will use LinkFM.

The easiest way to view your tasks is to go to Building Task View by following these 4 steps.

  1. On the homepage, click Building Task View.
  2. Click on the building you wish to view.
  3. Click the task name or the Action button to view the task.

The Building Task View Page

The Building Task View page includes many pieces of information unique to your building.

  1. Building name and address
  2. Task filtering options – Service By, Show History, and Service Date
  3. List of tasks with task name, date the task is due to be completed, any notes attached to the task and the status of the task – Action button or Completed.
  4. Buttons that can generate compliance status reports, both current and any that have been marked for follow-up due to an issue.

In order to find out what needs to be completed for the particular task, click on the task name or the action button to see the Service Inspection Record. The next lesson covers the Service Inspection Record, and the last lesson in this module covers how to complete and close off a task.

The Service Inspection Record

A Service Inspection Record contains all of the necessary information required to adequately complete the task.

To access the Service Inspection Record, click on the name of the task or the Action button.

Elements of the Service Inspection Record

  1. The Task Details section covers the name of the client, the building address, the task name, who it has been assigned to, when it is due and the date the service should be completed.
  2. The Procedure section goes through the steps required in order to complete the task.
  3. The Items section provides the location and description of the items relevant to the task.
  4. At the bottom of the screen is a note telling you the task is still open and requires action.

Features of the Service Inspection Record

  1. Export the Service Inspection Record to PDF to make it easy to print and save the record.
  2. The Report Defect button is where you can flag an issue that cannot be resolved immediately for your records.
  3. The Service Record button is where you to add information relating to the service record of the task.
  4. The General Note/Photo button is where you can add any general information you want to record.
  5. The Close Task button allows you to close the task and mark the task as complete.

In the next tutorial we will go through how to add records to your task.

Adding defects, notes and photos to your Service Inspection Record

LinkFM allows you to add notes or photos to each task through the Service Inspection Record. This section of the tutorial will cover when you would attach notes or photos to a task, how to attach notes and photos to a task, what happens to the note/photo once the task has been completed.

A task is an instruction written for a specific area of essential safety, operational safety, or duty of care. Each task allows you to add a note, document and/or photo in one of three different categories

1. Report Defect

A defect is a shortcoming, imperfection or lack. A defect in LinkFM is when a task has a particular fault or issue that prevents the item or area from being compliant. It is when there needs to be further action taken. Adding a defect to a task should be done when you are completing the inspection. At this time you may also upload notes, photos or documents relating to the defect. The task should not be closed until the defect is fixed and the item/area becomes compliant.

2. Service Record

The service record button is where you can add notes, photos or documents related to the servicing of the item or task. This could be a picture of the hardcopy Redbook task page, or the service tag on the fire extinguisher.

3. General Note/Photo

A general note, photo or document can be added to a task to document anything that is not considered to be a defect, and is not related to the servicing of the item. This could be a note that tasks cannot be completed due to the building not being in use.

4. Close Task

Click this button when the task has been completed to close off the task and mark it as complete.

Viewing the Notes, Photos and Documents

In order to view the notes, photos or documents that have been attached to a task, you can click on the name of the task, click on action (if the task has not been completed) or click on the word # Note under the month of the task.

When you click the word Note under the month and year of the associated task you will see a popup window with all of the details of the notes/photos/documents attached to the task.

Case Study 1

Joseph is the Redbook Coordinator at his church, Big City Church. He is taking a walk around his church with a print out of the PDF of the service inspection record for the task: DOC: Housekeeping Quarterly. He has found the floors, aisles, stairs and landings are all compliant and in good condition. He has also been able to tick off all of the tasks mentioned under the storage section. His church does not have a kitchen so he draws a line through that section and moves onto the electrical section. He has checked that all the electrical plugs, sockets, switches, appliances, leads, powerboards, extension cords and double adaptors are in good working order and are used correctly. When he walks into the hallway, he notices that two of the lights seem to be dimmer than the others and they are making it hard to see. There is no natural light in the hallway so he concludes that the hallway is not adequately lit for the purpose of walking down the hallway. He snaps a photo of the darkened hallway.

When he gets back to his desk, he logs into LinkFM on his computer. He accesses his tasks, finds the task he needs, DOC: Housekeeping Quarterly, and clicks Action which opens the Service Inspection Record. He clicks Report Defect. In the notes he writes that the light bulbs need to be brighter. He attaches two photos. Later that day the electrician attends the church and switches the light bulbs. Once Joseph goes back to check the lights are brighter, he takes another photo. He goes back to LinkFM, and opens the task. This time he clicks into General Note/Photo this time, writes that the lights are now brighter and uploads the second photo for his records. He now closes the task. Below is an image of how the task looks in LinkFM after Joseph completed it.

How to complete and close off a task

Maintaining compliance with LinkFM is easy. Use the service inspection record to check what you need to do and once it has been completed, close the task to mark it as complete.

In the building task view, click on the task name or the action button to check the contents on the task, add a note/photo to the task for followup or for your records, or close the task.

Steps to close off a task

1. Click the task name or the action button. This will open up the Service Inspection Record.

2. Ensure the procedures in the Service Inspection Record have been completed.

3. Report a defect, add a note to the service record or add a general note or photo if necessary.

4. Click Close Task, then click Yes to confirm and the task is closed.

Once you have closed off the task it will disappear from your list. You can check your closed tasks by clicking the Show History button.

To check who completed each task and when it was completed, click the name of the task. A window will popup with all of the details for the task and, at the bottom of the screen, that the task is completed, closed by who and what date it was closed.

For comparison, here is the Service Inspection Record when it is open (on the left) and when it is closed (on the right).