What is Redbook?

Redbook creates a diary of inspection records for your building maintenance. These inspection records tell you the what, how and when of each task in an easy to understand way. It is tailored to your church and includes everything necessary. We also send any updates to you. So your Redbook is always up to date.  

Redbook Risk Management is an affordable, up-to-date solution that is tailored for each Church’s specific needs. Redbook was created in response to the unique needs of the Australian Church. It works in line with the current governmental regulations and specifications of each state, and the policies of your Church. When you use the Redbook system, you are making sure that you are caring for each member of your church and your staff.

Redbook is made for Churches – it covers essential services and duty of care obligations

Making sure your Church is safe can be an overwhelming task. Churches must comply with all workplace requirements, in the same way a commercial business must comply. The difference is, a commercial business will often have much higher budgets for risk management than a church. They can hire specialists to constantly monitor their safety and risk management. This is why Redbook is perfect for Churches that are filled mainly with volunteers who donate their time to serve.

Redbook tells you what to do, how to do it and when. This makes it an ideal safety solution for those who don’t have building management experience to maintain a safe and compliant church.

Redbook comes in two forms. A PDF that can be printed and placed in a Redbook folder and, if your denomination has opted in, an online system.

The folder and the online system details every check that must be made, the person who should be doing the check and the date the check needs to be performed. We have found this to be a great way for most Churches to manage their safety.

The online system allows the checks to be managed through a cloud management system called LinkFM. This allows you to ensure your church is keeping up to date with the necessary checks from anywhere in the world.

Redbook Risk Management Manual for Churches helps you manage and monitor your policy and procedural requirements through the Duty of Care Inspection Records.

As part of the set-up process, we create checklists based on your denominations policies and procedures. These checklists can include areas such as:

  • Child Safety
  • Volunteer management
  • Building Hazard Checks
  • Risk assessments
  • Arson and Bushfire Prevention
  • Property Checks
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Cash Handling
  • Food Safety
  • Staff Management


Why do I need Redbook?

Churches have a legal and moral duty of care to those who attend their premises and programs. Redbook effectively manages this legal and moral duty of care.

There are two main ways that Redbook facilitates compliance:

1. It protects people by setting out the schedule for effectively maintaining the Essential Safety Measures (ESM) as required under the Building Act 1993 (Vic). Essential Safety Measures are the safety features required in a building to protect occupants in the event of a fires, such as fire extinguishers, fire exits, and doors. ESM training is covered in a later Module.

2. The Duty of Care (DOC) sections set out compliance requirements and best practice guidance for areas such as Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Management, Governance, and Reportable Conduct Schemes. DOC is often guided by policies and requirements of a denomination or their insurer. 



1. Redbook creates a diary of inspection records for your building maintenance.

This allows you to easily assess what they are required to complete each month to keep your compliance on track.

2. Inspections and maintenance tasks are explained in an easy to understand way.

Each inspection record outlines the requirements of completing the task to the standards in easy to understand instructions, making it perfect for the lay person to complete.

3. Each Essential Safety feature fitted to your building is taken into account.

We tailor the essential safety inspections to meet the requirements of your building, so you can have the confidence that you are completing only what is necessary.

4. Annual reporting is made easier with Redbook.

Our software automatically adds the required elements to your Annual Report allowing for easy completion of your report each year.

5. The information in your Redbook is specific to your state or territory.

The content reflects the wording and statutory requirements of your state regulations, and regular updates keep it that way.

6. All your maintenance records are organised and easy to keep track of with your Redbook folder.

The Redbook folder stores, records, and organises all inspections and audits in an easily accessible way. This makes internal or external audits a breeze.