Record Keeping in LinkFM

Record keeping in LinkFM

Types of documents you might store in LinkFM

In LinkFm there are two different categories for saving your documents. It is important to know which category your documents are saved under.

Standard Documents – this is where you can store all of the documents related to your building and your Redbook, such as:

  • Redbook PDF
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Registration certificate for food safety
  • Certificate of electrical compliance
  • Building permit
  • Planning documents
  • Evacuation diagrams
  • Insurance certificate of currency.

Fire & Safety Documents – this is where you can store all documents related to your building’s fire and safety, such as:

  • AESMR (Annual Essential Safety Measures Report)
  • Fire service provider report
  • Service record
  • Records of inspection by Fire Authority or Municipal Building Surveyors

How to view and upload your documents

It is important to upload important documents for effective record keeping. These documents are kept in the Building Task View (big blue button) under the Documents tab. Following these steps will enable you to view and upload documents easily. A video is below that demonstrates the steps to find the Documents tab.

  1. From the homepage click Building Task View
  2. Choose the building you wish to view
  3. Click on the Documents tab

Uploading Documents

  1. Upload a document by clicking Add Document
  2. Locate the document through the browse button
  3. In the description write the name of the document and a date, or month and year for your reference
  4. Click OK

Viewing Documents

Once the Documents tab is opened you can click on the document you want to view.