Navigation around LinkFM

There are a few different ways to access your information in LinkFM.

In this tutorial these ways are broken down under the following headings:

  1. Building Task View
  2. Compliance Admin View
  3. Quick Access menu

Compliance Admin View

Using the Compliance Admin View button is the most straightforward way to access the ESM Dashboard. This button is the orange button with the picture of the graph.

ESM Dashboard

The Compliance Admin View button takes you to the ESM Dashboard. The ESM Dashboard shows you a visual depiction of your facilities current level of compliance. It shows you the status of your various tasks and allows you to filter by the various options available to your account. For most accounts you will be able to filter by inspector and filter by month. You can easily access a list of tasks that are completed, due for follow-up, overdue or current by clicking on the corresponding words.

At the top pf the dashboard you will find different tabs, such as dashboard, overview, tasks, and work orders. Below are a brief overview of some of these tabs.

Overview Tab

This tab allows you to see a quick overview of the status of all of your tasks. My LinkFM account shows the tasks that are attached to your various roles and their status of compliance. You are considered a client if you are the building owner/manager or the main Redbook Coordinator, and service refers to those tasks that you are the designated inspector of. Just as in the Dashboard view, you can click on any of the highlighted blue words/numbers to see a filtered list of tasks.

Tasks Tab

The Compliance Admin View ‘Task’ list is a list of your tasks with a few features that differ from the list of tasks you can find through the Building Task View.

When in the ‘Tasks’ tab you can access these following features:

Task ID – Clicking on the individual Task ID brings up a pop up that shows you various details about the task including the location, name, risk level, any notes attached to the task and a map of the location of the building.

Service – Clicking on the individual service takes you to the Action Task pop up. From here you can download a PDF of the service record, report defect and add notes/images to the task. You can also close the task so that it is marked as complete.

Action – Clicking on the action button takes you to the same Action Task pop up as clicking on the individual task.

Export – The export button can be found on the bottom left of the screen and allows you to download an Excel file of the tasks and the details attached to the task. See image below.

Show on Map – Next to the Export button, this button brings up a popup screen of a google map location of your building.

Compliance Status Report – Next to the Show on map button, this button prompts you to enter in dates to check the compliance of tasks within certain dates.

Work Order Tab

The Work Order Tab shows you a list of work orders that have been attached to tasks. This function is useful for large clients to manage hundreds of building and is not a function we utilise for Redbook clients.

Buildings Tab

The Buildings tab takes you to a list of buildings your account is associated with. If you click on the buildings the details of the building are shown in a popup.

Planner Tab

The Planner tab shows a calendar view of your tasks.

Reports Tab

The Reports tab allows you to download six different compliance reports. The reports help you to manage your tasks, planning, and current status of compliance efforts.

Building Task View

There are a few different ways to access your information in LinkFM. The most common one that you will use to find your buildings tasks is via the Building Task View. This is accessed from the home screen by the big blue button.

The Building Task View button takes you to a list of buildings attached to your account.

Clicking on the building you wish to see takes you to a list of tasks associated with that building.

Clicking on the task name or the action button will show you the service inspection record and allow you to action the task.

Quick Access Menu

The Quick Access Menu is a secondary way of navigating around LinkFM.

You can access the Quick Access menu from any page in LinkFM via the three white vertical lines in the top left of the screen.

There are two different Quick Access Menus. The first one is an abbreviated menu that allows you quick access to Buildings Task View, Work Orders, New Work Order and My Account. This menu is shown below.

The second, longer Quick Access Menu is shown below.

From this menu you can access the Building Task View, the Compliance Admin View version of Dashboard, Tasks, Work Orders, Buildings, Planner, Reports, an option to create a New Work Order and My Account.