Intro to LinkFM

Intro to LinkFM

What is LinkFM?

LinkFM is our online compliance management software that takes your Redbook online. It is your portal to manage your Risk Management, Essential Safety, Duty of Care, and Health & Safety covered in your Redbook. It is available to all Redbook subscribers at no cost.

LinkFM Benefits

Powerful Task Management

Redbook’s diary of inspections and building maintenance allows you to easily keep up with monthly compliance requirements and keep your safety on track online.

Management Options

You can Self manage your LinkFM, or have our team help you out. It’s up to you. 

Unique to Each Facility

Each Redbook is tailored to meet the requirements of your state, and your church. The essential safety feature fitted to your building is taken into account.

Annual Reporting is made easier

Our software automatically adds the required elements to your Annual Report allowing for easy completion of your report each year.

Registering your email address

Before you can do anything in LinkFM, you need to register your email address. There are two main stages to registering your email.

Stage 1 – Check whether your email is eligible for registration

Stage 2 – Register your email

Every LinkFM building requires one main account email address. Ideally this email is a generic church email address (for example: From this account, other registered accounts can be delegated access to the LinkFM account or just to individual tasks.

This tutorial has 10 steps

1. To register for LinkFM, go to

2. Click Register

3. Enter the email address you would like to register

4. Click Check

5. If you haven’t registered the email before, you will be told your address is eligible for registration

6. Click Continue

7. Locate the email sent by LinkFM and follow the instructions.

8. Fill in your details to complete your registration.

9. Make sure to choose a strong password that is long and has a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

10. Welcome to your LinkFM account!

Managing your account

In LinkFM, managing your account is easy. From any page you just need to access My Account from the top right hand menu or the Quick Access Menu.

Once you have clicked on My Account, the My Account window will pop up. Use this window to change your name or organisation. You cannot change your email here. To change your email you need to start a new LinkFM account and have either the system administrator change the email attached to the facility/tasks you manage, or have the account delegator re-delegate their account to your new email after you register a new email.

Change your password

To change your password, click on Change Password within the My Account window. Changing your password is just a matter of entering your old password, a new password and your new password again to confirm, and then click OK.