Managing Delegates on LinkFM

Managing delegates on LinkFM

In LinkFM a delegate is someone who is entrusted by the main account holder to have the same access to their LinkFM account and to complete tasks acting as their delegate.

A delegate can be assigned access to LinkFM by a main account holder, or an Inspector. They will have the same level of access as the account which is assigned to them.

Delegates are usually assigned when you want another person to manage your duties, act on your behalf or to be a backup to ensure the tasks are always taken care of.

How to Add a Delegate

1. Have the person you wish to assign your account to, register their email address with LinkFM.

2. Login to your LinkFM account

3. On the homepage, click on Manage Delegates in the top right corner of the screen

4. The Manage Delegates window will popup

5. In the Manage Delegates window click Add Delegate

6. Enter the email address of the delegate from step 1

7. Adjust the delegate’s access level to Read Only or Read and Write

8. Once you have chosen the delegate’s access level, click OK

The Access Levels:

Read Only – The delegate can only view tasks

Read and Write – The delegate can both view and complete tasks

How to edit/delete delegates

1. On the LinkFM homepage, click on Manage Delegates in the top right of your screen

2. The Manage Delegator window will pop up

3. Click on the email of the delegate you wish to edit or delete

4. In the Edit Delegate pop up window you can change the user’s level of access or you can delete their email so they can no longer access your account

5. To change a delegated email address you need to delete the user and add a new delegate with the correct/updated email address

How to switch delegates

In order to access the account you have been delegated, you will need to ‘Switch Delegator’.

Switching delegates is when you switch from your LinkFM account to the account you have been assigned as a delegate. In this section the delegator is termed Person A, and the person to whom the account is delegated is Person B.

Switching delegates can only occur if Person B has registered their email address with LinkFM and Person A has delegated access to their account to Person B.

The first step to accessing the delegated account is for Person B to login. If Person B already has tasks and/or buildings associated with their account, they will see the normal homepage. If they don’t have anything yet associated with their account, they will not see the normal buttons, but will instead see the words “You do not yet have access to any LinkFM modules. Please contact your administrator”.

If they have been delegated access to another account however, they will have the choice to ‘Switch Delegator’. See the image below for an example.

If you can’t see the top right menu, extend your screen or click the three vertical white dots in the top right of your screen to open the menu shown in the picture below.

To switch to the delegated account, click on Switch Delegator and then choose the account you wish to access.

You will now be in Person A’s account. As you can see in the picture below, instead of the homepage saying “Hello, Person B”, when you are in a delegated account your homepage will say: “Hello Person B (as Person A)”.

Completing Tasks in a Delegated Account

It is important to keep track of who completes a task. When a task is completed in a delegated account, the task is marked as having been completed by the delegated account and not the primary account holder.

For example, when Person B has switched into Person A’s account and completes a task, that task will be listed as completed by Person B.