Security and Personal Safety during COVID Restrictions

As a result of the COVID 19 restrictions currently in place in Victoria, there has been a reduction in people moving about, particularly after dark. As a result of this, the risk to people and property in isolated areas has increased. Churches are considered vulnerable in these times as many have valuable equipment and assets stored in them. 

RLink recommends the following to help prevent loss of property and injury to people during this time:


  • Only attend the church if absolutely necessary, particularly at night
  • If attending the church building alone: 
    • Communicate with someone else on arrival and departure 
    • Park as close to the entry as possible and in a well-lit area
    • Keep doors locked when inside
    • Only attend if absolutely necessary
  • If attending the church as part of a small group:
    • Park as close to the entry as possible and in a well lit area
    • Keep doors locked when inside, particularly if using areas away from the entry
    • Leave at the same time
  • If you arrive and identify a break-in, do not enter the building. Call the Police and await assistance from them. Stay in your car with the doors locked.
  • If you utilise a monitored alarm service, arrange Security Patrol responses to alarms instead of untrained church volunteers.

Cash and Valuable Assets

  • Remove all unnecessary cash from the property and deposit it in a bank. Consider using a licenced Cash in Transit service if there are significant amounts of cash moving to or from a bank. 
  • Consider adding a ‘No Cash Kept on Premises’ sign to the building. 
  • Consider removing computers or other valuable electronic equipment that is not in use to a secured area with no exterior access. 
  • Complete an asset register recording serial numbers and descriptions of high value or commonly stolen items, such as TVs and power tools. 


  • Review doors and window locks to ensure adequacy. 
  • Consider installing CCTV or alarm systems, utilising monitoring or online services to aid in early identification of issues.
  • Review lighting of exterior areas such as car parks and entry points.
  • Arrange patrols by an appropriately licenced Security Patrol company.

If you have further questions or would like recommendations to fit your needs, please contact RLink.